Igniting Ideas

OKHELA is the *Zulu word for IGNITE. At Okhela Digital, we aim to ignite your online presence be it an EFFECTIVE, OPTIMISED website for you or your business, ENGAGING social media campaign, QUALITY content that your users WANT to SHARE, or, a logo that BEST REPRESENTS you and your brand.

We believe in dedicatedpersonalised service so that we become an extension of your business. This dedication means we genuinely care about your success. Positive results and growth for our clients create equal results for us at Okhela Digital.

Okhela Ignites
At Okhela we believe your website should be more than a portfolio of what you can do. We strive to build a website that will add value to both your business and those visiting your site.
Web & Email Hosting
You need somewhere to park your website and email. As a partner of GoDaddy, our clients can take advantage of premium services at discounted rates. Domains, hosting, SSL, email and much more
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Simply having a website isn't enough these days. You need to stand out from the crowd! SEO determines how you rank in search results. At Okhela we keep up to date with best practice and trends.
Social Media
There is more to social media than posting memes and quotes for likes and shares. To be effective your business needs to stand out from the crowd, add value to your followers and encourage engagement.
A new logo, web design, a unique set of icons, captivating infographic or, even merchandise for your brand, can all be commissioned and facilitated through Okhela Digital.
Another essential component to building your online presence is copywriting. Good copywriting is a vital key to ranking well in search engines and more importantly sell your products or services.
Tourism Marketing
One of the niche markets Okhela Digital operates in is the digital management and marketing of small hotels, B&B's and vacation rentals. Services include; OTA management, centralised booking management, guest bookings and communications, post-stay surveys, competitor analysis and more.
Looking to get your business online or, perhaps you simply want to sell your companies merchandise through your website, Okhela can do this and more! We also assist with product and supplier sourcing.